Supreme Consultants has joined forces with the Division of Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS) to provide In-Community-based services to at-risk youth. We are addressing the state program’s need for cultural competency by making our bi-lingual and culturally competent professionals and para-professionals available.

Due to rapid expansion, we are currently hiring Tutors, Mentors, Behavioral Assistants and Intensive In-Community Professionals to serve counties throughout all of New Jersey. This program is designed to aid in the development of family and community support around children with emotional, behavioral, learning or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to enhance client and/or family functionality through innovative, individualized plans of care. Services are provided in the youth’s home or community depending on the requirements of the intervention. This service offers a very flexible schedule and clinical supervision is available.

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Help youth reach their academic potentials by providing academic assistance. Aid them in reaching their educational goals and aspirations through positive educational support and direct tutoring. Tutors help students enhance their study skills and facilitate the understanding of educational concepts.

Qualifications: One year of previous teaching or tutoring experience with children.

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Are you looking to make a difference in a child's life? Perhaps you have been looking to serve your community and provide troubled youth with the guidance and support they often need, but may lack in their homes and communities. Mentoring gives you the opportunity to serve the community by taking part as a role model to the many children we service. As a mentor you will conduct recreational activities, help children enhance their socialization skills and assist them with their homework. Mentors will also assist service recipients in meeting their personal goals and aspirations through mentoring activities an being a positive role model. Activities are designed to foster personal growth, self-confidence and independence.

Inspire a child to be the best they can be by becoming a mentor today!

Qualifications: Hight School diploma, GED, enthusiasm to make a difference in a child's life, patience and determination.

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Behavioral Assistants:

Assist children / youth in learning to reduce negative behaviors and replace them with positive behaviors based on his/her strengths. 
Work with the parent(s) and family to help build new responses to their child’s behaviors and teach them to reinforce positive changes. 
Activities are designed to address each youth’s unique social, emotional and behavioral needs through skill development in these areas.

Req: Over 21 years of age, BA degree in a related field, 1 year relevant experience working with youth.

Behavioral Assistants work with youth to modify their behavior (behavior modification)—focusing on areas such as socialization skills, breaking a bad habit, learning appropriate responses to different situations, etc. They play an essential role in encouraging our youth in the right direction and continually redirecting them, should they lose focus. BA’s will work within a treatment plan, tailored specifically to the needs of the youth with which they work while closely monitored by our Clinical Supervisor, to implement behavioral therapy.

Qualifications: 21 years old and over, BA degree in psychology, social work or related field, one year of experience working with youth


Are you a seasoned clinician? Or perhaps, you are in an earlier stage of your career and looking to expand and enhance your experience. 
Supreme Consultants can provide ideal positions to professionals of all experience levels. You will have the opportunity to serve as a clinician to youth and families in a diversity of communities through our in-home program while enjoying a flexible schedule.


Intensive In-Community Professional

Licensed Master’s level professionals needed to work with children and families in an exciting, out-of-the-box, intensive In-Community setting. 
Work from a strengths based perspective for short-term, solution focused interventions.

Qualifications: 1 year experience with children and families, Master’s degree in behavioral health field. N.J. licenses, as follows:
LAC, LSW, LPC, LMFT, LCSW, or licensed psychologist.