Our Mission Statement

“To serve New Jersey's culturally diverse communities by helping the organizations that provide them with social, educational and behavioral services have access to the best bi-lingual and culturally competent professionals.”

Supreme Consultants, LLC is composed of a professional, caring, culturally-sensitive, multi-lingual staff whose primary mission is to link social, educational and behavioral health agencies with qualified professionals to provide culturally competent services that meet the needs of their clients.  Our goal is the elimination of the cultural and linguistic issues that typically get in the way of delivering the best service to clients.

New Jersey's traditional, and ever-increasing, cultural diversity leads to a growing demand for experienced, bi-lingual, culturally competent providers in the social and healthcare fields.  Too often this need is not effectively met.  We believe that the bridging of cultural and linguistic barriers leads providing organizations to be more successful in delivering the services that the clients need. We are committed to providing capable, qualified professionals that exceed the expectations of organizations and clients alike.  Our professionals also serve as a bridge of communication between providing organizations and their mono-lingual, foreign language-speaking clients.

 We are here to overcome language and cultural barriers!

Supreme Consultants, LLC is the first agency specializing in linguistic and cultural sensitive service. Our staff is composed of multi-lingual professionals who have an understanding of the culture and behaviors associated with a variety of ethnicities. We believe that through bridging the gap caused by language and cultural barriers organizations will be capable of reaching a higher level of productivity with clients.

Supreme Consultants, LLC supports public and private organizations at state and community levels by implementing quality services and timely client coverage—both of which are essential to improving the issues central to behavioral and mental health patients. We specialize in helping these patients attain success by assigning mentors, tutors, behavioral assistants, social workers and private clinicians that are well-matched to suit their individual needs. Our staff, ranging from college undergraduates to certified, masters-level, licensed professionals, possesses both the experience and educational background to successfully aid organizations in the behavioral and mental health field in effectively servicing their clients.

Supreme Consultants, LLC is based in New Jersey and has established partnerships with a variety of behavioral health organizations, giving us an unprecedented resource guide to programs and services that are available to those who need them. Thanks to these resources, and to the dedication of our staff, we have become an essential part of the recovery process for those afflicted with behavioral health issues—as well as an aid to the behavioral and mental health organizations that utilize our services.