Supreme Consultants is extremely proud of its bustling intern program, semester after semester local colleges reach out to us with promising students who are interested in moving forward in the field of social work. We choose candidates who are suited to work in our offices and want to gain experience in the field dealing with children and adolescents in our mentorship program. This provides students invaluable experience they would not have been able to receive in a closed classroom setting, preparing them to be able to get out and engage in diverse professional environments. 

  • I really liked the in home clinician, My son really connects with her which rarely happens with other therapists so its been great. She is very knowledgeable. We have had a lot of different clinicians, but she has been the most effective. We want her to stay with us.
  • I see a lot of positive interactions between [IIC] and my daughter. My daughter has opened up and I have seen the benefit of the [IC] providing services. I am very happy. She is a perfect match for my daughter and we both feel really comfortable with her.
  • [IIC] is working really well with the youth. I even got a report from the school that the youths headbanging behaviors have improved. He has stopped banging his head for about three weeks now which is the same amount of time services have started. I use the methods that [the IIC] has taught me and [the youth] responds to it. I see a difference.
  • We are always happy to hear from our satisfied clients!

Giving Back

Supreme Consultants love's the many communities that we service, we appreciate the great people and cultures we get to work with and are always looking for ways to give back the joy they bring us!  

Supreme's Promise

We have continuous efforts to try and bring joy to our communities holding or participating in events like our Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies walk, Christmas Gift Drives, and cleaning up our communities with Jersey Care. All of these efforts are towards building a greater Supreme Consultants and a greater community around it.